30-Day Value Proposition & Messaging Lab for Consultants

  • We'd like to help our readers generate more consulting opportunities, sell higher-value work and make more money in 2018.

    So, to kick-off the New Year, we are inviting 10 Eager Beavers to join our free 30-Day Value Proposition & Messaging Lab.

    You'll get access to online training and one-on-one coaching from us (Jason Parks and Pat Webb) to help you craft compelling consulting offers and articulate the value you deliver to clients in order to increase deal flow.

    We all know it's very difficult to generate new leads to sell "it" if you can't describe what the value of "it" is.

    This is the number one issue we come across for consulting firms regardless of size.

    So, in our 30-Day Value Proposition & Messaging Lab., we'll work with you to:

    • Get clarity on your ideal client and their pain points
    • Map those to your offerings and services with clear benefits to drive revenue
    • Research your competition to discover how best to differentiate and position your services
    • Validate the alignment of your services and messaging with current clients and future prospects
    • Craft your unique value proposition, an elevator pitch and simple pitch deck that you can use as the platform for your marketing messaging
    Who's this for?

    Solopreneurs, consulting business owners generating less than $3m in revenue, and people actively looking to get into consulting.

    What's the timing?

    The program will begin January 18th, 2018 and run through the end of February.

    It's free, so what's the catch?

    We need feedback! This is a new training offering for us, and just as we'll teach you to validate your offerings before you go live, the 10 Eager Beavers will be our beta testers.

    In return for free access to the course materials and the Skype coaching calls, we'll ask you to fill out a simple survey once a week (5 minutes, tops) and provide feedback and testimonials at the end of the program.

    How do I apply?

    We want to choose the 10 Eager Beavers who would most benefit. We'll be reaching out to applicants over the next 10 days to schedule Skype interviews to make sure we are a good fit.

    You can find the application below. We look forward to hearing from you!