Here’s the Scoop

My name is Jason Parks and I work for Equiteq, a global M&A and strategic advisory boutique exclusively serving the consulting sector, to advise shareholders on maximizing their equity value (i.e. growth) prior to exit (i.e. selling the firm).

Previously, I built and led consulting practices for Sogeti/Capgemini in the U.S. while we more than doubled the size of the business.  One of my specialties is getting troubled or high visibility programs back on track (see: Fixer).

I’ve made my living solving problems and finding nuggets of opportunity, but it hasn’t all been a bed of roses.

The Clever Consultant is a record of my search for inventive ways to solve problems, generate profit, communicate with humans and better myself so I can help others while keeping sane. Consider this blog a field-tested extension of your research into professional and personal growth.

The path to “success” has led me through more all-nighters to clean up frantic situations than I care to remember.  I’ve often found myself walking into unique, tense situations with people I don’t know in a city I don’t live in.

Continual learning and personal growth aren’t optional for me – they are necessities.

You should ask me questions. Feedback is good and helps me ensure you are getting what you need.

I’m happy to research, test, analyze and iterate as long as it helps you.

All the best,



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