Chipping at Your Workload, One Message at a Time

When you’re feeling overworked and there’s too much on your plate, it might help to separate the real work from the follow-ups.

A lot of drama, anxiety and procrastination comes from open communication loops – emails we need to send, phone calls that should be made, or in-person meetings that need to happen.

Maybe you feel guilty that somebody is waiting on you, or don’t want to deliver bad news. You might be struggling to craft the perfect retort or a crystal clear request.

Whatever the reason, don’t overthink it. Just close the loops.

You’ll find that most squeaky wheels just need some attention or direction, and other scary tasks weren’t really hard after all.

Make a quick list of all the work on your plate and write down your first next step to complete each item.

If they start with “Call Jenn”, “Email Jim”, or “Ask Jeeves” then do these first.

Batch them together for an hour and you might clear half of your to-do list by lunch. You’ll instantly hear the noise dissipating and things will slow down for you.

Then you can get back to eating bigger frogs.

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