Do You Know What Sets You Apart as a Consultant?

“How do your solutions compare with your competition?”

“Why do I need a consultant at all?”

“What makes you different?” 

“Why should I choose you?”

Answering these kinds of questions is enough to make any consultant break into a sweat. You may stutter, hesitate, try to change the subject, or look like a deer caught in headlights. And, as you likely know, this kind of response doesn’t leave behind the best impression.

However, in order to win more business, it’s crucial that you answer these questions comfortably and confidently. And in doing so, you must educate your prospects not just about what you do, but also on what sets you apart.

To make matters even more stressful, you don’t have a long time to pontificate about all your years of experience and accolades. Today’s prospects are busy and you only have a few minutes – if that – to hit them over the head with the reason, or reasons, why they need to pay attention to you…then choose you.

And by the way, they don’t care much about how long you’ve been in business, proprietary methodologies, or how many fancy offerings you can deliver. They care about results; specifically, how choosing you is going to yield them better results.

So what’s the secret to determining what makes you different? It’s all about asking yourself – and your existing clients – the right questions, such as:

  • Why do my long term clients continue to choose me?
  • What do they appreciate most about my services?
  • What results have I delivered that have made the biggest impact on them?
  • What kind of positive feedback have I gotten from them in the past?

On the surface, as a consultant, it may seem like you offer pretty much the same services at the same price as another consultant. However, when you dig deeper and ask yourself these questions, you’ll likely see a trend emerge…in the form of what makes you different in the eyes of those most important – your clients and prospects.

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