Marketing Toolkit: 5 Marketing Essentials Every Consultant Needs

When it comes to being a solo consultant, it’s all you.

You’re the head of the billing department. You’re the in-house IT troubleshooter. And you’re the go-to marketing expert.

But what if you’re not an expert at all?

After all, your expertise lies in servicing your clients, not in designing a website.

Have no fear. You don’t need to undertake an expensive ad campaign in order to market your services; what you do need to do is ensure you have these five essentials in your marketing arsenal:

1. The what: A Logo

And why: A strong logo is essential to building a successful brand. And yet, all too often, we see consultants with less-than-professional logos.

But how is a potential client supposed to take you seriously when you’re not presenting yourself in a serious manner?

Your logo is so important – it’s a visual representation of who you are and what you do. So don’t let your consulting practice get hurt by a clunky or outdated logo…or worse, one you created yourself in MS Word.

2. The what: Letterhead & Envelopes

And why: Even in today’s digital world, letterhead still gets noticed. And sticking your logo in the middle of a piece of paper simply does not make for good letterhead.

Your letterhead says a lot about you; so invest the time and effort to ensure yours sends the right message to prospects. It could be the difference between a correspondence getting thrown in the trash or read by an executive.

3. The what: Business Cards

And why: It’s all about LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, right? No need for paper business cards.

If that’s your attitude, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. In fact, a compelling business card can go well beyond being a piece of paper trotted out and dispensed only at tradeshows. It can play a powerful role in branding your business and engaging recipients to want to learn more about you.

4. The what: Value Prop

And why: Value is the reason clients buy anything – whether it comes in the form of money or time saved, headaches avoided, or easier access to better talent.

Unfortunately, personal experience has shown us that most of the time consultants don’t have a good sense of the value they offer. And if you can’t define your value, why would a buyer choose you?

5. The what: A Website

And why: In today’s day and age, every consultant needs a website. While yours doesn’t have to be huge, it does need to be effective.

That means thoughtful navigation, concise and compelling content geared toward your target audience, and intriguing imagery. Bad design, long-winded copy, and the same stock photo every other consultant on the East Cost uses need not apply.

Ready to Create Your Marketing Arsenal? 

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