The Importance of Describing What Clients You Work With

When it comes to writing marketing copy, one mistake we see consultants make is taking an “aim for everyone” approach. But as a consultant, your target audience is not anyone and everyone who would ever conceivably hire you. And if that’s how you’re positioning yourself, then you’re diluting your message and appealing to no one. Plus it sounds a little desperate.

Instead, get focused in your copy. Get focused on the kinds of clients you work with and get focused on the types of problems you solve. When you do, your copy will be more far more effective because it will answer a potential buyer’s most pressing questions:

• Does this consultant work with people like me?
• Do they understand my problems or concerns?
• Have they worked on problems similar to mine in the past?

So spend some time brainstorming the characteristics of your ideal buyer. When you do, ask yourself questions like:

• What industry are they in?
• Where are they located?
• Am I targeting those with a specific title or those with certain responsibilities? (Keep in mind that roles within the same job title change with the size of a company. For instance, an IT director at a mid-size company will play a different role than an IT director at a large corporation.)
• How does your ideal client work? Are they highly collaborative, responsive, results focused?
• What do they want? In other words, what problems are you solving for them? Reducing turnover? Streamlining processes? Cutting costs? Think of some problem scenarios and promote yourself as the solution to those issues.

You can even get your potential clients to filter themselves out by creating a  “Who We Work With,” an “About Our Clients,” or an “Our Ideal Clients” page on your website.

When you approach your copy this way, you’re no longer casting such a wide net. You’re setting clear boundaries for your consulting practice, while also speaking to the buyer in terms they can understand – i.e. what kinds of problems you solve and who you solve them for. It will make your copy better and help move the sales process along.

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