Want to be a Consultant who is Easier to Hire? Get Published.

Getting published is a key differentiator between some of the most successful consultants and the rest, according to long-time management consultant, Wendi Peck, CEO of Executive Leadership Group, Inc.

Successful consultants “have authored books, articles, and blog posts,” she says. “They are getting their names and their philosophies out there on a consistent basis.”

It might sound like a lot of work, but the payoff could be huge, agrees Bill Casey, President of Executive Leadership Group, Inc.

“For a client, it reduces the perceived risk of hiring you,” he says. “If they know you, see you, have heard of you, have read you, then you are much less risky than if you are a stranger.”

He adds that the biggest competitor of a consultant isn’t necessarily another consultant. It’s the client doing the work themselves. Clients don’t want to take on the risk of hiring a consultant, he argues. Being published – and becoming a “known entity” – mitigates that risk.

So start thinking about getting your name out there by publishing content. For instance, you can:

• Start your own blog. Remember when you’re writing posts to keep your target audience (the buyer) in mind. Too many consultants today write for their peers, not their prospects.

Write and pitch articles to professional publications, trade journals, e-zines, and industry blogs. Even though these are a great way to publicize your name, approach these from an educational angle, not a promotional one.

• Commit to authoring e-books and white papers and/or self-publishing a book. Yes, this takes a lot of time and effort. But if you start writing blog posts and articles, you can use that content as a source of information and inspiration.

• Look for ways to improve your website. Your website serves as a source of validation for your consulting business. A buyer may read an article you’ve authored and then check out your website to learn more about you. Make sure it doesn’t disappoint.


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